Dean's Message

Dean's Message
Cultural, socio-economic development of societies; the shape of social problems is largely dependent on the success of solutions to the problems encountered and, therefore, on the level of education and the quality of their education. The benefit of the community from its blessings by closely following the rapid developments in science and technology depends on the availability of well-trained and well-equipped staff in every field. To keep pace with the developments in science and technology, especially in the fast-paced world, is directly related to the strength of existing basic sciences education, which is being taught the universities of the country.
As Science Faculty, we are making a great effort to educate our students with knowledge and equipments in accordance with the requirements of information age together with all academic members, teaching assistants and administrative staff. However, it should be underlined that in order to be a good mathematician, physicist, biologist, we should not ignore the fact that the lessons given to our students in the labs are not enough and must be renewed regularly according to the developing conditions. Especially by acting with this consciousness, our students should analyze the good years of their college years, give and analyze what is gained in this period and take the useful ones and leave useless ones aside. Today's technologies must be used for this purpose, but these technologies should never be used as a waste of time, along with it, the internet technology can be used well but it must be more careful when using this technology.
I would like to congratulate the distinguished members of our faculty, especially in light of the fact that they help to shape our future biologists, physicists, mathematicians, chemists, and statisticians and it is a very important task, raising a scientist. It is our lecturers' first duty to bring our faculty, and therefore our university, to the best position in world standards and to keep it at the highest level, both by education and by scientific studies. To make this task in the best way, I have my sincere help to them, my country, and nationality. In fulfilling these duties, our faculty members must know that the support of your Dean is always at hand in all matters they need.
Our Faculty of Science is a faculty where the young people who want to grow up in the sciences can learn in the best way, the academic staff has a strong capacity, the laboratory, and internet infrastructure, and the infrastructure required for those who want to study in science is generally sufficient. Also, Firat University is one of our country's universities which also has the most beautiful campus.
I wish a life full of success and happiness to the academic and administrative staff and students of Fırat University Science Faculty. May 02, 2017
Professor Dr. Mikail ET
Faculty of Science Dean